457 Visa Eligibility Requirements

What are the requirements for a 457 visa?


As a sponsor, you must:

  • Apply to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to be a sponsor for overseas workers;
  • Nominate the positions you want to fill, and the employees you want to fill them;
  • Recruit the overseas workers to fill your nominated positions;
  • Act as a sponsor for your employees applying for a visa; and
  • Cooperate with DIAC's monitoring requirements

Important Note: As a sponsor, you must ensure that you pay market salary rates to overseas workers.

More information on sponsorship obligations and market rates.


As an employee, you must:

  • Accept an offer of employment from the employer;
  • Apply for the 457 visa; and
  • Work in your nominated occupation, and for the employer that has sponsored you

Eligible Occupations

One of the basic requirements of Temporary Long Stay Migration is that your nominated occupation must appear on a list of occupations determined by the Australian government.

View the list of eligible occupations.

Regional Employer Concessions

Important Note: As of September 2009, Employers in regional Australia are no longer be eligible for concessions in meeting the minimum salary and skill level requirements for their nominated positions under the 457 Visa program.

More information on market salary rates and minimum salary levels.

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